David Mancuso (Dancefloor @ The Light)

    Dance pioneer David Mancuso has been hosting his legendary parties in New York City since 1970. 'The Loft' - the name that the parties bear to this day - has been a place of innovation and inspiration for countless dancers over the years, many of whom have themselves gone on to break new ground in the fields of Dj-ing, promotion and production. Frankie Knuckles, Francois K, Larry Levan: they all started hanging out at the Loft. You can read a fascinating account of the Loft and the psychedelic origins of disco here. This history has recently been documented on two very highly rated Nuphonic compilations - David Mancuso Presents the Loft Volumes One and Two (co-produced by our very own Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy) - and in Tim Lawrence's acclaimed book Love Saves the Day. But this isn't just history.

For the past 11 years Lucky Cloud Sound System have been organising regular parties at a venue in Shoreditch. The great success of these quarterly events has enabled us to invest in a state-of-the-art audiophile sound system modelled on David's own, which we debuted to astonishing success at our midsummer party on June 26th 2005.
Since then we've run many fantastic parties. For the first few years David himself played the role of musical host for every one of these but he is now planning to travel over less while he'll still play when he can and over the past year we've held truly amazing parties hosted by our own Colleen, with assistance on one occasion from François K. Because of the shift we're now not advertising who will be working as musical host for any particular party, and to make clear to our dancers that we want them to come for the experience, the atmosphere, the energy and the shared adventure, rather than the opportunity to stand in the presence of any one individual. David is still planning to come to London on occasion, but he won't be coming to every party, and we promise and we know that the musical host, whether it be David or Colleen or somebody else, will always play in the spirit of the party and do the very best for the party.
Lucky Cloud Sound System is a non-profit collective that puts all proceeds back into the party (with fees paid only to David, our sound assistant and our cloakroom staff). When we started putting on parties we charged £22.50 for a reservation. Almost 11 years later, we're asking for £14.99, and have to give part of that to PayPal. As a result inflation has caught up with us big time and we're barely breaking even (to the extent that the idea of taking out a loan to pay for equipment, as we did 10 years ago, is now inconceivable). We hope that you feel that we have provided and continue to provide fantastic value and will understand why we can't consider varying the price for parties based on who might be working as musical host.
We've put our hearts, souls and backs in this party. In fact we love it so much we're always checking our diaries and counting the days until the next one will come around! The details of our next party can be found on the party info page. To find out when tickets go on sale, make sure you join our mailing list.

(Part of Lucky Cloud Sound System)